A bright Living with a Brightwood wall, in Bolivar verde essence.

The same essence has been chosen for the sofa arm and the ceiling bookcase.

A finishing balance and a unique personalization that can turn into an always different solution thanks to the dimmerable Brightwood light.

A perfect match for a relaxing and cozy environment.

An industrial Loft with a Brightwood back wall and a central design, in Radica di Madrona bianca essence.

The soft light creates design accents on an openair and cozy environment outlining so that unusual sufaces and attractring anycurious glimpse.

An appealing and light colour wooden essence, almost pure in its shade, that once enlighted gives back all the wooden warmth and magic texture pattern.

A contemporary bedroom with a Brightwood walk-in-closet,  in Noce essence.

The softness o the bedhead and of the design armchair, bring the attention to the back element.

A mat lacquered walk-in-closet  featured by a Brightwood niche , where the amazing dimmerable light creats lights & shadows pattern with a specific result on wooden grides.

The same wooden essence balacing the internal system of the wardrobe and all the wooden finishings of the room.

A scenic Office with Brightwood walls, in Bolivar Naturale essence.

 The panoramo from the 7th floor is the background of the distinctive wooden essence of a light colour that oulines the division walls, preventing to create unwise walls.

A co-working space able to kee the eye-contact thanks to the pleasant light  and luminous wooden essence background.

A personalized and inlayed essence on the main entrace wall to emphasize the company identity.

A pop art Hotel lounge with a Brightwood boiserie, in Acero Frisé essence.

A common environment transforms itself into a public open air art gallery, thansk to the details reserch and refinement of the wooden solution so to let it be unique each single time.

A complete boiserie featured in a wooden essence with a smooth silk, shimmering essence incredibly wavy according to the enlighted effect.

A unique and outstanding pleasure linked to the relax mood.

Zeus, the Brightwood design table, in faggio crudo essence, winner of the European Product Design Award 2018

Design Arch. Galeazzi Giuliano –  Galeazzi Design

an exclusive table, remarkable for its extraordinary lightness created by the flying effect obtained by the transparent rear legs, and much more by the lighted center stripe that magically outline the 3d style of the top.